Businesses that have adopted the Raypath cleaning system have consistently seen their maintenance crews’ working conditions improve.

Would you also like to take concrete action that eliminates the health risks for your maintenance staff?


Thanks to the special features of our Raypath cleaning equipment, maintenance staff have the opportunity to optimise each of their tasks and reduce their fatigue at work.

The fineness and density of Raypath memory microfibre products allows them to capture much more dirt than traditional microfibre products.

In addition, less effort and less movement are needed from maintenance staff to achieve the level of brilliance and cleanliness desired for the cleaned surface.

Our accessories have also been designed so that staff have to bend over as little as possible and can keep their backs as straight as possible at work.

The training provided to all of your maintenance crews at your buildings ensures that your staff can enjoy all the benefits associated with using our eco-friendly equipment.


Adopting the Raypath system puts an end to complicated and risky procedures.

No matter what your maintenance staff’s qualifications or language skills are, our method is easily learned.

In addition, cleaning procedure errors that may occur no longer pose any risk of adverse effects to users’ health or to surfaces cleaned with Raypath equipment, since only water is used..


By choosing to remove detergents from your organisation and opting for the Raypath cleaning system, your maintenance staff will no longer be faced with respiratory and skin problems due to the toxicity of chemicals.

Moreover, since the indoor pollution in buildings is greatly reduced, your buildings’ users (employees, students, teachers, customers, etc.) will finally be able to spend time in premises which have been cleaned in a healthy way.